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Venezuela: manipulation by the news? – important info about backgrounds

Venezuela: manipulation by the news? – important info about backgrounds

The social and financial issues part of the people become exploited as a pretext to overthrow the government that is current.

System ms. birgit stein, meyer chile

How come a nation such as for instance venezuela is today such an intricate economic and social situation?

Goldman sachs – a bank directs the globe, makes errors, and destroyed a billion when you look at the gambling haven

The company of war is booming. finding your way through a war?

“atomic africa”, uranium mining, nuclear industry & opposition in africa – and, if necessary, with physical physical violence.

Armor products against recycleables – supported by taxpayers ‘ cash.

Ecuador: closeout associated with the rainfall forest – “the globe has kept us when you look at the lurch”

Venezuelan brides women that are venezuelan wedding

You speak about supermodels and beauty queens, and soon they might talk about venezuela. there are numerous nations, which will be well-known for its stunning women, however they are perhaps perhaps not compared to women that are venezuelan. these women stand apart in a crowd and possess your nation won the name most abundant in women that are beautiful the planet. of course, guys have constantly discovered appealing and desired to date. vene...

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