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Picture brides

The term picture bride refers to a method in the early 20thcentury throughimmigrant laborers that married women on the suggestion of a matchmaker who swapped photos in between the possible bride and groom. Prepared marital relationships were actually certainly not uncommon in Japan as well as originated in the enthusiast lesson of the overdue Tokugawa time frame (1603-1868). Men and women had various motivations for weding or becoming an image bride-to-be and also in spite of these variations, these photo new brides, or even shashin hanayome, were actually vital to bureaucracy of the Japanese community in bothHawai’i and America.


  • 1 Beginnings of account New Bride Method
  • 2 Motivations of the Men
  • 3 Incentives of the Women
  • 4 Roles of Photo Brides in the Japan...
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