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He was the son of King Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias princess of Epirus.

Technical modules detailing the “Work Plan” or the “What’s New” have been made. The floor was given to students but also to other teachers using the Freinet pedagogy. Finally, a new interview with the teacher Philippe Meirieu performed by the film crew is also present as a bonus on the DVD.

Interview with the director Damn, you can not play the video Add Comment new date projection By Joelle Martin on 11/04/16 – 3:09 p.m.. After the screening at the ESPE Grenoble, “It is learning that is sacred” will be screened Wednesday, April 27 at 18:30 at Ponsard College of Vienna. See you soon meet Joelle Film By Annie Troncy on 09/29/16 – 2:03 p.m.. … and Nevers Canopy Atelier 58, the film will be screened Wednesday, November 23 at 14h.

Great answer, is what you’ll Per Visitor, 29/09/16 – 3:05 p.m.. great, is that you will Delphine or Michael? answer I’ll be there! November 23 For Visitor, 11/01/16 – 4:11 p.m....

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